The Xyea Covid-19 package

Xyea Covid-19 Package

Mobile app and comprehensive suite of services

Life Plan (Social Care)

Improving systems that support independent living

Governance & Assurance

Life's richer when health is assured


Maintaining compliance means better outcomes


Expert Risk analysis empowers people

Identify. Solve. Benefit

Process assured quality in health & social care

Our Vision

Enabling vulnerable people to live a better quality of life

Enabling vulnerable people to live a better quality of life

Governance & Assurance

Providing assurance through effective governance & risk processes

Ensuring that the people bring supported are happy and safe and feel they get the right type and quality of support to enable them to live fulfilled lives.

Audit & Compliance Management

Better outcomes from higher standards and ever-improving practice.

Those being supported can live safe, well-supported and fulfilled lives. Families are happy that they chose well in the service provider selected and are fully engaged and up-to-date on all aspects of their loved-one’s life in as much as they wish to be.

Risk Management

Expert risk analysis and management ensures peace of mind.

Vulnerable people and their loved ones feel absolutely safe and are reassured by their services provider’s capability and track record to support them taking risks that promote positive life experiences.


Keep up-to- date with Xyea’s tailored governance, risk and compliance management App for COVID-19.

Providers can support individuals and their families to the standard expected in these very challenging times using the Xyea COVID-19 package.

Specialist Solutions

Improving systems that support independent living

Ensuring each individual has an enhanced life experience, achieving what is important to them and supported in a personable, friendly and relaxed manner at a pace that suits.

“Xyea has been a great tool for me as a Person in Charge since we started working with it to help with Audits,  Risk Registers, Incidents, Complaints, Training Matrix’s and more recently using the COVID-19 complete risk & compliance package. Before this there were folders upon folders of paperwork and now everything is organized on a computer system that alerts me when they are due.”

Jennifer Rankin, Lake House Nursing Home

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