HPSC Make Changes To Guidance On Visiting Residential Care Facilities

As of July 29th, the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) will be implementing changes to their guidance on visiting Residential Care Facilities. At Xyea, we have ensured that we have included all of these changes in our COVID 19 Package which will help you rebuild your business post-COVID 19

Why have we added the changes to guidance on visiting Residential Care Facilities?

We have added this vital information to ensure that;

  • Your documentation is up-to-date with the visiting arrangements on the date announced by the HPSC – July 29th, 2020.
  • Your Risk Register and associated control measures include the latest guidance.
  • You can test your compliance levels from the date that new guidance takes effect.
  • Your staff are informed so they can facilitate relatives and families to visit their loved ones.
  • You can be ready for any inspection from July 29th.

What problems are we are solving?

We are solving a number of issues for Residential Care Facilities including easing the burden of updating all of your governance documentation, audits, etc. It also eliminates the work involved in reviewing your risks with new control measures which have to ready by July 29th. These are issues you will never have to face again as all of your risk & governance documentation is automatically updated with every subsequent update from the HPSC.

Residential Care Facilities

We are delighted to be working with a number of Residential Care Facilities with our new COVID 19 Package and would be delighted to discuss what we can offer you in greater detail at your earliest convenience. We have client testimonials, can provide a demonstration and our expert team can also provide a site visit to discuss your options.

For more information, please contact info@xyea.com or call +353 91 846636 to discuss our COVID 19 package and more. You can also check out our short explanatory YouTube video by clicking here.