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Xyea enables your staff do their own auditing, so you are ready for HIQA.

Providers must have evidence that they’re maintaining standards to the highest possible level, and this requires that an audit programme is in place. But some lack the self-assessment or auditing skills; or lack sufficient knowledge of the Regulations and how to gather, assess and present the evidence demanded. And HIQA can appear at any time and loom for this evidence. Providers fear being unprepared, i.e., no Audit Programme in place, as well as the fear that they’re missing something and not sufficiently managing the Risks. Xyea software (with service support) can help your staff do their own auditing, so you are ready for HIQA.

Xyea is at-the-ready to respond.


COVID-19 Package

A complete governance-risk-compliance package to ensure you are always up-to-date.

All your COVID-19 risks, control measures, audits and backup online and up-to-date ready for any inspection.

Governance & Management

Oversight & monitoring of your compliance, risk & governance processes & practices.

Up-to-the-minute data and alerts to keep senior management & your board fully informed on key risk & compliance metrics.

Audit & Compliance Management

Monitor your audit and compliance programme so you are always inspection-ready.

Xyea helps you manage your full programme of clinical and non-clinical audits and all the follow-up.

Risk Management

Expert risk analysis and management ensures peace of mind.

Full analysis and management of all risks, clinical and non-clinical, live and online.

Incident Recording & Follow-up

Closing the loop on adverse events

Follow-up and learning from Incidents to minimise recurrence.

Complaints & Feedback Tracking

Encouraging feedback to improve service

Recording and investigation of all complaints and feedback to improve your service.

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