The Xyea Risk Management System

At Xyea, we offer a number of different services which can help the day to day running of your care facility. One of our most in-demand offerings is our Risk Management System. This system stores and helps you manage your Risk Register online so that it can be accessed easily,
reviewed regularly and updated when it is deemed necessary. This will also enable you to oversee all Risk activity in one place rather than having paper options and a large number of physical files to go through. Some of the key features to our Risk Management System include;

  • It is a live and up-to-date Risk Register online.
  • Enables oversight of all risk activity.
  • You can be alerted when risk ratings change, when reviews are due and much more.
  • All risks are accommodated (including HR, Finance, Governance & Management, Information & Records, Health & Safety) with the owners identified wherever they might be working in your centre.
  • You can monitor all risks with drill-down to the control measures, review history, changes in ratings, etc.
  • Individual ownership of risks.
  • Devolve responsibility for specific risks to named individuals which you can then monitor.
  • Incidents can be linked to related risks.
Risk Management System

(The Xyea Risk Management System helps you control Risk and ease the workload on your team.)

Why should your care facility implement our Risk Management System?

Risk Management is the centrepiece to the successful running of any care facility. When managed correctly, risks can be identified easily and positive outcomes can come about much quicker. There are a number of reasons why your care facility should implement the Xyea Risk Management System including;

  • All risks are online and they’re always available.
  • Get risk reviews done faster with no setup and you can check it anytime – even when you’re on the go.
  • Takes away time going through paperwork and updating controls
  • Easy to get others involved.
  • Eliminates paperwork.
  • All the backup you need is there – ready and within easy reach for HIQA (they now expect it to be online).
  • You can track any follow-up actions.
  • Alerts on Risk changes, review dates – so you don’t miss anything.
  • We train new staff or staff that are new to the risk process.
  • All fisk information is available on the PC, laptop, tablet or phone.
  • A new COVID-19 package from Xyea has all the COVID-19 risks & related controls that are automatically updated when HSE/HPSC guidance changes.

Xyea is not an alternative to your care management system and it does not overlap – our concentration is on governance, compliance, quality, safety & risk, usually operating side-by-side with care management systems. For more information on any of our services including our Risk Management System, please contact or call +353 91 846636.