Audit & Compliance Management

Xyea Audit contains a full suite of audits and self-assessments against all types of regulations & standards and manages your audit programme in full. It enables you to:

  • Roll out your own audit programme in older person’s care, mental health, disability, children’s services, acute care, specialist services, addiction, home care, community support, etc.
  • A range of audits and assessment tools are pre-installed including management walk-abouts, medication, infection control, observation of staff practice, governance, care planning & assessment, challenging behaviour, food & nutrition, health & safety, rights & dignity, communications, restrictive practice, finance, HR, staff training, etc. use your own or mix and match to suit your needs.
  • Audit against any standard, risk rating results, capturing your evidence & backup with follow-up on gaps uncovered.
  • Scheduled audits with alerts, monitoring reports & analysis to your mobile device or tablet.
  • Devolve responsibility for audit down to the local area/unit/team and monitor implementation of improvements.
  • Ensures that compliance is sustained through all inspections and that staff learning & ownership is maximised.

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