At Xyea, we provide evidence-based compliance systems to organisations such as Ability West, The National Rehabilitation Hospital, Newbrook Nursing Group and a number of Independent Nursing Homes in Ireland and the UK. In light of the difficulties facing Nursing Homes currently, it might be a good time for your Nursing Home to have an Organisational & Regulatory Assessment.

What does an Organisational & Regulatory Assessment involve?

Our team of specialists can tell you how healthy your care facility is and if you are being competitive. We do this by assessing your business from a number of angles including occupancy, potential, facilities, management & governance, HR, compliance & risk, quality & safety, clinical and life enriching activities. Areas of improvement will be identified with time-phased actions for improvement that will be monitored with follow-up reviews completed.

How do we do this?

  1. Our team will help with how to identify and manage the key risks in the business and in your service. We will do this by assessing the clinical and non-clinical risk and governance processes along with identifying areas for improvement with full staff engagement. This includes staff workshops to train and coach staff on the risk process as it related to their service.
  2. By carrying out a health & safety audit, our team can help assess if you have a healthy and safe environment for your residents.
  3. We will identify weaknesses and gaps in your service so that you are always inspection-ready for HIQA. Our team will carry out an external audit against the full set of HIQA regulations and produce a report with a compliance rating. This will be in correlation with each regulation. We will agree a timescale for each action that addresses shortcomings found in the report with progress tracked using our App.
  4. A review will be carried out to ascertain whether your residents have a good quality of life. We will conduct a quality of life self-assessment involving the residents, their relatives / families, your staff, your plans, records and documentation. This will be compared with your service outcomes versus those expected.
  5. Service quality audits will be carried out to assess the degree to which the quality of the service based on certain indicators is meeting expectations. Each is assessed, reported on and any gaps are addressed in a follow-up unique action plan.
  6. We will determine if you have a good image among your community. We will do this by carrying out sensing among your residents, their families, your key courses of clients and among the general community. This will identify how much your service is matching their needs.

All of these activities will help to develop an action plan which will be implemented and tracked as part of our follow-up meetings. This is to fill the gaps in your service. For an informal chat about your needs, you can email our team at