Services & Business Process Analysis

As organizations strive to meet increasingly onerous compliance and regulatory requirements, they often find it necessary to redesign their business processes to ensure the appropriate emphasis is placed on compliance issues.
Xyea consultants can help your organization to develop business processes that take compliance requirements into account and, at the same time, increase operational effectiveness. This typically involves:

  • Analysis of the business process to understand what is the goal of the process, who is responsible, what standards are applicable, and how success is measured.
  • Use of process mapping to generate graphical representations of business processes, showing all of the activities involved, inputs and outputs, exceptions, approvals, and sign-offs.
  • Identification of initiatives that will generate measurable business results.
  • Proposing models, processes, standards, and technology for the organization to consider as a means of implementing enhanced business processes that meet compliance requirements and add value to the business.

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