Why Xyea?

We set out to improve the lives of vulnerable people.

Xyea recognises the plight of the owners and directors. There’s the fear of being unprepared, as well as the fear that they are missing something and not managing Risks sufficiently. We are aware of the particular demands of delivering supportive services in a necessarily comprehensive regulatory space. With our suite of software & service offerings, we can help your situation. AND we can do so right now. We can react at short notice and be on-site with your team.

Xyea is at-the-ready to respond.

About Xyea

At Xyea, our vision is to instil an ethos within our client organisations whereby their business practices are comprehensively in line with regulatory requirements so that optimal outcomes are achieved for supported individuals.

Xyea provides evidence-based compliance systems to organisations such as Muiriosa Foundation, Ability West, The National Rehabilitation Hospital and Newbrook Nursing Group.

Core Values

At Xyea we want to help vulnerable people have a better quality of life.

We do this by equipping those tasked with their support with information, tools, education and other facilities to carry this out as well as they possibly can.

Achieving compliance with regulations and conforming to standards, whilst it is an important part of ensuring that services are delivered to those standards, is only part of the story; the core part, however, is to always strive towards a better quality of life and to help those who are vulnerable to participate in as full and active a life as possible that is meaningful for them.

We aspire to build long-term relationships with our clients to help them, their staff and management to fulfil this mission.

Providing information systems and associated supports is part of this and our aim is to work with each client as they progress along their own journey towards achieving their objectives.

We work very much in partnership with clients and it is important to all members of the Xyea team that we not only do a good job today but that we are there for people when needed, in whatever way we can help.

We believe also in active participation in the communities in which we operate both professionally and personally and will continue this for the betterment of those we work and live within our communities.


Pat Reidy

Before founding Xyea in 2005, Pat was the managing director of a software company employing over 30 people. In this role he led the company into new markets, secured R&D and venture funding to finance early-stage development of new business, and managed major customer relationships as executive sponsor. He has led the implementation of programs to enhance quality control, inventory management, purchasing, just-in-time manufacturing, and change management.Pat Reidy is an experienced professional with over 20 years of leadership in the international software and consulting industries. He has extensive expertise in governance, compliance, records management and data protection. Pat has played a key role in the modernization efforts of many health and local government authorities, completing numerous quality improvement and audit assignments within the Irish healthcare system.

Pat began his career with a major multinational software company, where he held a number of professional and management roles in product management, marketing, training, purchasing, and HR. He managed the international sales and support office and was responsible for business development in EMEA.

Pat holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a postgraduate diploma in Computer Applications from the National University of Ireland. He has various additional qualifications and has completed management programmes in Ireland, the UK, and the US. He has lectured in production and inventory management, and contributes to several professional organizations including the Records Management Society of Ireland, of which he a co-founder. Pat is also active in the Health ICT Industry Group, an organization representing 17 ICT companies including Xyea, PA Consulting, Oracle, Intel, IBM, and Microsoft.

David Burke

David has an intimate knowledge of enterprise architecture and system design. He strongly believes in the principle that technology exists not for its own sake, but as an enabler for the achievement of business objectives. He has applied that principle in his design of the Xyea solution. The resulting technical architecture uses tried and trusted components, combined with the latest design techniques, to create a system that is robust and secure, yet visually appealing and very easy to use.David Burke has 29 years experience in the design and development of web applications and mission-critical transaction processing systems in the banking, telco, and healthcare domains. He has worked with many different architectures and technologies, including Unisys, Oracle, and Microsoft.

David is an experienced consultant, technologist, and manager. He believes in common team aspirations, and favours selective mentoring as a means of team-building and fostering a sense of shared responsibility. While recognizing the need for customer engagements to be underpinned by contracts, he believes in going the extra mile and he takes a personal interest in ensuring customers get the level of support they need to ensure the success of their projects.

Our Customers

The following are some examples of customers who have already used Xyea to manage their compliance,risk management, and service management activities:

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