Are you ready to have full visibility over all of your risk, governance & compliance activity?

Take our 2-minute quiz to discover if your issues in quality and safety need our expertise and systems.

1. Are you in a regulated industry?

2. Is managing risk and complying with the highest quality and safety standards critical to your business/service?

3. Have you an easy way to track your documentation and all the regulatory back-up you need and is it all online?

4. Is most of your time spent working on improvement because you already know where the gaps are (rather than spending most time trying to establish where the weaknesses exist)?

5. Are you fully confident that you will achieve full compliance in an unannounced HIQA inspection and do you have the evidence internally to back this up?

6. Are you alerted if there are emerging risk issues or if things are you are going off-track or not getting done?

7. Have you immediate visibility on falls, infection control, fire safety, safeguarding, pressure ulcers, medication errors and other risk areas?

8. Are all your staff trained up-to-date as required by regulation and do you have 100% certainty on that?

9. Is all of your risk information, audits, incidents, complaints, staff training records and the full backup documentation all online & up-to-date?

10. Do you have up-to-the minute management information on your risk register, compliance levels, follow-up from incidents, complaints & audits at your fingertips?